FREE Tree Trimming
Did you know that you can have your trees on the city easement trimmed for free by the City of Orlando? The easement is the area of grass between the sidewalk and the sreet. Residents are responsible for the easement that borders their property.

Contact: Barbara
Phone: 407-246-2283

Plan on digging?
If you are planning on digging in your yard to install a sprinkler system, planting, re-landscaping,etc, you need to call Sunshine State One Call of Florida. It is a free service that will locate burried lines on your property including electrical, sewer, phone, cable, gas, and water.

Web site: Sunshine State One Call of Florida
Phone: 1-800-432-4770

Did You Know?
This web site and home owners association supports 130 home owners.

Recomended Vendors
If anyone out there has a service repair, lawn maintenace, pest control, general contractor, or any other vendor type company that they have done business with and are satisfied customers, let us know about it so we can share the list with our fellow homeowners.

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Mystic at Mariners
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No overnight street parking is allowed within the community. This rule of course does not apply to the occasional visitor. But, if anyway possible, please try to make room in your driveway for overnight guests. This is not just for esthetical reasons but mainly for safety. We are a family oriented community and try to provide a secure environment for our children. It becomes difficult to see them while driving when the children have to dodge in and out of the street around parked vehicles.
Commercial vehicles - pull behind trailers and cars with commercial markings - are not allowed (per city ordinance which by the way can result in a fine!).

Please observe the city leash law with your pet. Pets must be on a leash when being walked. A doggy waste station has been provided within Mystic Cove near the rear dry retention pond. We ask that homeowners please use the doggie waste bags for their animals needs. This has been provided to ensure that our children can play in a safe and sanitary environment.

We generally encourage homeowners and renters to maintain a neat yard appearance. This will create a surrounding that we can all be proud of and REMEMBER it does help with our property values!!!!!!!

Watering Restrictions: Visit the St. John's River Water Management District website for current watering restrictions.

Should someone in the community find themselves in need of help, please feel free to contact your community for assistance. We all have busy lives and sometimes due to illness or other unusual circumstances we all need help – that is what community is all about – caring for each other.

Florida Friendly Landscaping

Improper Landscaping Practices
Are you in violation of the City of Orlando Stormwater Utility Code?
Improper Landscaping Practice PDF

Florida Friendly Landscaping
Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ ( FFL ) means using low-maintenance plants and environmentally sustainable practices. The right plant in the right place. Mystic at Mariners Village HOA has adopted the UF/IFAS Florida Friendly Landscaping Guide for our Community. http://fyn.ifas.ufl.edu/

This is just another option for Homeowners who want to be ecologically friendly with their landscaping. This is not a requirement that Homeowners must use Florida Friendly Landscaping but if a homeowner decides they want to do Florida Friendly Landscaping they must follow certain rules and guidelines.

Florida Friendly Landscaping Steps
Florida Friendly Landscaping Rules for Mystic at Mariners Village
Florida Friendly Landscaping Pattern Book

HOA Documents
Mystic at Mariners By-Laws
Mystic at Mariners Declaration of Covenants
Mystic at Mariners Covenant Violation List

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