FREE Tree Trimming
Did you know that you can have your trees on the city easement trimmed for free by the City of Orlando? The easement is the area of grass between the sidewalk and the sreet. Residents are responsible for the easement that borders their property.

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Did You Know?
This web site and home owners association supports 130 home owners.

Recomended Vendors
If anyone out there has a service repair, lawn maintenace, pest control, general contractor, or any other vendor type company that they have done business with and are satisfied customers, let us know about it so we can share the list with our fellow homeowners.

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Mystic at Mariners
Mystic at Mariners


Board of Directors
President - Larry Brown

Secretary - Debi Robertson

ARB - Architecture Review Board
This community has an active ARB to ensure that our community maintains its curbappeal which also results in property value increase, not decrease. The ARB conducts community walks to ensure compliance of community guidelines. This committee is then responsible to inform residents of their decision prior to the next meeting and submit copies to the management firm to be placed on file.

The ARB reviews all resident change and repair requests. Questions can be addressed to any Board member. Give your completed ARB application form to any Board member in person or mail. DO NOT leave the application on the doorstep, in the mailbox, etc.

The following improvements or changes must be approved by the ARB prior to installation:
a) major landscape changes
b) paint scheme approval
c) any additions or changes to the structure that require building permits
(i.e. fences, swimming pools, screen enclosures, tree removal*, re roofing etc.)
* - per city code any tree with greater than 6” diameter must be approved prior to removal.

Please use this ARC Request Form 2018 document to submit your home improvements to the ARB. Keep in mind the following bullet points when submitting to the ARB.

A) a survey plan showing location of changes to be made (tree removal, fence location, etc.) together with a hand drawing or photos of materials being used. For the addition of a pool please submit the plan created by the vendor showing area of pool and surround listing the type of finishes being used.

B) repainting of an existing color scheme or a new color scheme to be used on your home. The current color palette is being updated and will be reviewed periodically to ensure home values.

C) A raised seal approval will also be needed when pulling any construction permits at the city.

Nomination committee
This committee needs to be in place no later than late summer each year. Its’ goal is to present the community with a list of prospective officers for election in our November meeting. This recommendation should include candidates for the following HOA offices:
• President
• Vice President
• Secretary / Treasurer
• Officers

Yard of the month
This group will select a yard within the community each month based on outstanding curb appeal. This homeowner then is the proud bearer of the “Yard of the Month” sign and is awarded a gift certificate to your choice of 1 of 3 restaurants listed!

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